Friday, February 23, 2007

Life is running WILD!! :-) but check out an unexpected guest

Scared the mess out of Samantha... LOL I keep food out for the well as a couple of wild ones that seem to hang around all the time now...but I wasn't prepared for this guy... I kept my distance and let him/her go about their business :-)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ok.. so last night came and went...

and honestly I will resurface in a couple of weeks... I have 2 weeks to completely do the yearbook and get the 200 kids back their pics and shoot 150? more..... my house looks like a tornado has hit it... so I gotta step back and set some priorities... while I shall be on the computer far more than I should be... it will be to actually work!

be good and I shall be back soon... :-)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ok.. so I took pics yesterday..but will post them tonight.. :-)

as I spent all day rambling around.. had to get a replacement license for the one I lost... then had to run around to the banks.. then had to go to Sam's school..since I have 2 weeks to get this yearbook done... (ok..started and done..) thankfully it is only around 50 pages..not a monster one... this week is dedicated to the yearbook... I do have to go on a field trip tomorrow with my snuggle bunny Noah :-)

Oh..after reading a post yesterday on ILP... I am scared to post on there. We ALL know that I can't write worth a damn and I love to do this... more than anything I do love me some dot. dot. dots... anyways I read this thread on there yesterday.. Lord I would send them to the insane asylum? however that is spelled.. so I shall continue to lurk and not post.. he he

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gorgeous day today! :-)

really pretty day today.. little cool but it feels great to be outside! Found my heart today :-) The kitty is Dude.... yes we call him Duuuuuuuddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... The bark is off of a river birch... one of my favorite trees... I love to lay out in the hammock and listen to the wind rustle thru the river birches...

I made the bark into a brush... :-)

Here are two more... I found this .. and for the life of me I can't tell if it is real or not... it is light but yet it isn't light.. it scratches glass... anyways.. I guess I will take it somewhere to see if it is real... I figure I will just look foolish when they look at me and go..hello there lady..this is plastic..

I didn't take a picture yesterday..

gasp! though I did play around with one I took the day before... I hit the bed and there was no way I was climbing back out of it... I really think I could get into playing with taking action shots... I have got to stay off of the computer today ...well I have to stay away from my usual places..have to work on the yearbook today... If I am a good girl and get most of it done then next week I can go and play with some more action shots... :-)

Friday, February 9, 2007

and yet another day.. (are we close to 30?)

Why is it you guys have to be all serious and stuff when you get your pictures made? I had 4 teams...only 3 got individual pics... :-) the older guys don't usually get pics... BUT...when I deliver these to the parents of these 3 next week... I am betting some of the other parents will be like.. darn...maybe I should have gotten pics? :-)

:-) OK..I am going to preface this with...I have never taken action shots... haven't ever really practiced but oh my..I think this could become addictive. Something very fun and relaxing to being behind the lens and it just being for me...not for anyone else... I had a nice time tonight...right up to the point I lost my keys... and well... hubby is in California ... no spare keys..thankfully I found them after an hour of searching... :-) some I shot tonight...

the fun continues :-)

actually had to crawl back out of bed last night..almost forgot...but here is a little less than half of the pics that I have to put on magnet material....