Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh.. I was tagged.... he he

Soooo... I am supposed to tell you 6 strange things about me. Thanks Jaxy Baby and Beth.... :-)

1) I still think I am 18... the mirror tells me different but my mind tries to convince me that I still am young.
2) I absolutely love my job.. I am so happy when I am there... and I feel very blessed to feel that way.
3) I am a huge procrastinator, until the very, very, very last second!
4) I get lost almost every where I go...if you want to be on time...don't let me drive unless it is somewhere I have already been....several times.
5) I cry at lots of stuff on tv/movies... commercials.. my family thinks it is very funny to look and see if I am crying....(that is quite rude of them isn't it? )
6) I am a great person to tell a secret to... why? because for some odd reason I forget it until I see you again....

so now...who do I tag? hmmmmmmm

What day is this????

Ok... I am fairly certain that this isn't on my list of what I should be eating..... unless someone wants to lie to me and tell me it is low calorie!

And of course another steeple.. this was shot with 3200 the thing will be to remember to take it off of that... but I am not too bad about forgetting stuff like that... we will not go into the fact that I just drove right into the church's front yard to get the pic...(WHAT??? I couldn't get it from the parking lot..without getting out of the car...and it is COLD!) he he

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day 16

Ok.. most people run from the camera... not Morgan... he is a good sport... and even though his chin is clipped in this one.. I like it...
and you thought I was kidding when I said he was our mascot? I have some more...will post them tomorrow... I am too lazy tonight....

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 14... I never said I was

smart... thank you to those whom pointed out that I can't count.. or I like the number 11 a lot!

:-) he he

in that case we are almost half way there!

oh and pooey on you guys that were just going to let me continue to look stupid!!

ha ha

Day 13.... a day at work

13.... usually a very lucky number for me.... anyone else? It was snowing on the way home... just a few flakes. Why does it always make me so happy to see snow? I had to roll the window down so I could feel the flakes hitting my hand.... just makes smile....

This first shot just grabbed me.... it is a little soft, I didn't have my tripod but I love looking at church steeples at night... or in a sunrise or sunset... just like them...

Here are my shots for today... a little glimpse from work.. THat is the board that we use when we delegate... big word for me...delegate the work... we call it being board bitch... :-) has really helped the department with the work flow and such...we are probably doing double the work during the day than before the invention of the board.... and don't ask what Morgan is wearing...I am not sure myself... all I can say is he isn't from NC...

We have a smile board at work, where we post our pictures of things that make us smile... Can you tell who is the photographer? Everyone else brings all these little pics... I am a board hog with all of my 5x7's... I try to be nice and put them on the outside of the board.... I can't help it...I have beautiful kids and I love to look at them while I am work.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 12 I do believe

busy day...took the kids to the mall, spent the day there... this is my quick pic of the day.... I wonder do I even remember what my real hair color is? this way is much funner though.. you can always change it up :-)

anyways..this is the new color for a while... especially for Sis...this was her idea for my pic for the day....

Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 11.... I am going for a about you?

short and sweet tonight... this is my new puter...or my in between computer... thinking about the Mac for my "real" computer....(sorry my buddy that is in Vegas winning all the money... :-)
by the way.. I hope you ARE winning BIG this week!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 11...Long live the South

... that is totally tongue in cheek... I am a born and raised southerner...and I know for some people this is a southern pride thing... I can over look my neck of the woods, that is called redneck... yep.. certainly I can overlook that... or else I wouldn't speak to half of my family and even myself at times... BUT when it is not used in the southern way... when it is thrown up by some northerner because some family that is not white moves into your neighborhood...well, frankly it is rude and it pisses me off.

The other pic is from today's outing...went to the last two banks to cash checks and about gave the poor teller a heart attack.. one of the parents had wrote 06 on the check... I took it and changed front of her.. ( I guess that is a huge no no) time I know to run around the corner :-) So I had to hunt down my favorite thing these days... graffiti! I just soooo wish I could read it! excuse the ugly word... don't click and make it big if children are around...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day 10...

Ok... done processing... now just to order....:-)
Am I the only one? I think that a hot, hot , hot bath cures anything!! :-) Am I the only one that thinks that? Surely I can't be wrong...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 9 :-)

Day 9??? yep..I do believe it is day 9.... that means that eventually I will be creative in this challenge... but not until I take care of bizness :-) Hence my shot today... small stack, processed , tall stack ...not processed..from Saturday.... let's watch the piles reverse! woohoo!

(good luck to my buddy who is headed to win all the money this week! :-P )

Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 8..woohoo..we are smokin now!

Ok.. so it must absolutely SUCK to be a photographer's child...but try as we might to get other people to model for us... well..they will not so our children are stuck! :-) Grabbed a couple of new hats and a new blanket this afternoon...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day 7 of infinity...

I actually took a ton of photos today... may post some later.... but for now...this is my last precious for a while... until I hit minus 20 lbs from where I am now... :-) I am going to bed am actually feeling a little better... kids are out of school tomorrow and I am off so I get to sleep in tomorrow and Tuesday!! Woohoo!! New computer is ordered and should be here by weeks end... thank goodness! will catch up on everyone's today pics tomorrow :-)

Peace out...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Day 6 of 30

all in a days work... I am beat, bushed... they were very nice and blew away my expectations... I am running a very hot tub full of water... If I cough one more time I think my head is going to explode and my throat is going to shatter... have got to get to a doctor next week... anyways... this is all in a days work....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 5 of 30

:-) just a couple from tonight.. we went and set up ...just playing .. they decided they liked the white better... so I gotta grab my white backdrop NOW before I forget it! oops... :-)
The white seamless paper will pop more so than the whitish? wall.... we had to just see what they liked...
be good! I will check in on everyones blogs Sunday.... :-)

Day 4 of 30

what better way to spend a Thursday night.. and yes I cried... did you?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Step out of the box...

I have had the freaking crud for almost a month now... trying to snap the heck out of it...anyways... here is my umbrella.... :-)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Amazing Eyes....

This chick has amazing eyes! She is my sweet coworker that allowed me to snap a quick shot on the way out the door... ain't she sweet... :-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

1-15-07 Photo A Day... day 1

here we goooooooo!!! :-) Here is Tortie girl.. she is the wild cat that decided she liked our house while we were at Disney World.... am trying to figure out how to catch her and get her spayed ... should be fun as the only other time I snuck up and caught her she chewed on my hand a bit... really chewed! OUCH... lol anyways.... here she is....
day one down...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Photo a day made me work today!

I got up this morning and decided that I wanted to clean up some around the house... so I drug the fish tank down..that has been sitting in storage and decided to list some pavers that were cluttering up the backyard. That craigslist rocks! within a few minutes both items were taken... they got a deal and I have a slightly less cluttered house/yard. Soooo anyways... here are my pictures for the day and my work for the day :0)

Friday, January 12, 2007

So a photo a day for 30 days...

Can't be that hard..... can it? :-) Looking forward to this challenge.

Bring it on!! This is a picture of Noah trying out my dad's guitar. I liked this image better than a straight on image of him playing it.. I enjoy the reflection of him in deep thought.
thanks for looking !