Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ok.. so I took pics yesterday..but will post them tonight.. :-)

as I spent all day rambling around.. had to get a replacement license for the one I lost... then had to run around to the banks.. then had to go to Sam's school..since I have 2 weeks to get this yearbook done... (ok..started and done..) thankfully it is only around 50 pages..not a monster one... this week is dedicated to the yearbook... I do have to go on a field trip tomorrow with my snuggle bunny Noah :-)

Oh..after reading a post yesterday on ILP... I am scared to post on there. We ALL know that I can't write worth a damn and I love to do this... more than anything I do love me some dot. dot. dots... anyways I read this thread on there yesterday.. Lord I would send them to the insane asylum? however that is spelled.. so I shall continue to lurk and not post.. he he


Anonymous said...

It's TONIGHT?? Sis

Anna said...

LOL, WHERE the pix? ...and LORDY I love my dot dot dots too.